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This Pooled Fund Study (PFS) is the result of a multi-state effort to bring about an operational Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) for state transportation agencies. The links at this website provide both general and specific information on current MDSS efforts in the United States. Although the focus of this site is to inform on the PFS MDSS efforts, links are also provided to appropriate websites of the Federal Highway Administration's Functional Prototype (FP) MDSS efforts.


Customer surveys indicate that winter driving conditions are the single most significant safety concern of travelers in northern states. Improvement of road conditions and winter highway safety has high financial impact to state transportation agencies and road users alike.

Publicly Available Files:

Indiana MDSS 08-09 Implementation Report

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) progressed from limited use of a MDSS in a Pooled Fund Study (PFS) environment to statewide implementation. The decision to implement statewide during the winter season of 2008-2009 was based on the savings reported by the maintenance units utilizing the program under the PFS and the fact that INDOT was facing declining revenues.
[ Download Indiana MDSS 08-09 Implementation Report ]

Western Transportation Institute (WTI) "Analysis of Maintenance Decision Support System Benefits & Costs"

The purpose of this research project is to assess the benefits and costs associated with implementation of Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) by a state transportation agency, and to distill this information in a format that is accessible and actionable to transportation agency decision-makers and elected officials . . .
[ Download WTI "Analysis of Maintenance Decision Support System Benefits & Costs" ]

Technical Panel:

• Colorado Department of Transportation
Thomas Aguilar
Jamie Yount
• Connecticut Department of Transportation
John Korte
Kevin Dahn
• Indiana Department of Transportation
Tony McClellan
Jeremy McGuffey
JD Brooks
• Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
David Cornett
Darrell Burks
Randi Feltner
• Maryland State Highway Administration
Scott Simmons
Sandi Sauter
Frank Mantyk
• Michigan Department of Transportation
Melissa Longworth
Matt Pratt
Mark Crouch
James Roath
• Minnesota Department of Transportation
Jakin Koll
Joe Huneke
Jeffrey Jansen
• Nebraska Department of Transportation
Mike Mattison
Dale Butler
Kerry Scott
• North Dakota Department of Transportation
Brad Darr
Mike Kisse
Brandon Beise
• South Dakota Department of Transportation
Dave Huft
Dan Varilek
• Virginia Department of Transportation
Robbie Williams
• Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Mike Adams
Alan Johnson
• Federal Highway Administration
Bruce Hunt
Ray Murphy


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